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How do I place an order ?

You are looking towards buying a product. Our ordering system is simple, you just have to follow it. After selecting your product, click on "add to cart". Make sure you fill out the requested information on the rings sizes, bracelets and so on, click on "continue" . At this stage, two options - it's your first purchase: Fill out the form requested, which will allow you for your coming purchases to be identified with your email and password that you will have previously notified. - You already are a customer, type in your email and password and click on "continue". Make sure that the delivery address is well informed as well as the information about your product by clicking on "Continue". You will be directed onto the box payment. You just have to give informations about the type of card you use and follow the instructions until the confirmation and validation of your purchase. You then will receive a thank you and confirmation mail of your order.

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