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Article 1: Definitions

« Catalogue » : designates the vendor’s catalogues from which the Products are proposed.

« Client » : designates the person that buys Products offered by the vendor on the Website and in the catalogues.

« General Conditions» : designates the general sales conditions of the Website.

« Parties » : designates jointly the vendor and the Client.

« Product(s) » : designates the goods being marketed by the vendor and available on the Website and on the catalogues of the vendor, namely jewelry, luxurious jewelry and fantasy jewelry, horology, fragrances, cosmetics or beauty products, dietary, food supplements, clothing, leather goods.

« Website»: designates the site available at the address The Website includes the infrastructure as well as the contents, namely texts, sounds, and images, whether stationary or animated.

Article 2: Scope - Enforceability

 The current General Conditions define the rights and obligations of the Parties within the context of the sales of the Products being offered on the Website or in the Catalogues.

 With exception of a written agreement, the dealings between the Parties are governed exclusively by the present General Conditions.

 Any contrary condition opposed by the Client will therefore be unenforceable, unless otherwise expressly accepted by the vendor.

 The Client declares being aware of the present General Conditions and accepts the rights and obligations thereto. Any order placed with the vendor is governed by the present General Conditions.

  • The present General Conditions may be subject to modifications in the conditions defined under article 13. The General Conditions that apply upon order are those in effect on the Website, at the date of order placed by the Client.

Article 3: Products

3.1 The Products may be purchased by any person falling into the conditions fixed under article 4.1.
3.2- The vendor will perform his best efforts so that Product graphic representations on the Website and on the Catalogues are as accurate as possible to the Products themselves. However, taking into account the digital presentation mode of the Products, it may be possible that the perception by the Client of the Product photo representation do not correspond exactly to the Product itself.

3.3- The Products being offered are valid as long as they are visible on the Website throughout the validity of the Catalogues, up to the limit of available stock.
In the event of a shortage of a particular Product after the order has been placed, the Client will be informed by email up to a maximum of 10 working days, except when our supplier has its annual closing between the 3
rd and the 21st of August, where the delay will in this case be 21 days.
From that moment on, if :

    • The unavailable Product was the only Product being placed on the order; the vendor credits the Client’s portfolio with an amount equivalent to the amount of the order together with shipping fees, or proceeds to a reimbursement by cheque to the Client, at his request.

    • The unavailable Product is part of a global order in which other Products are available, the vendor proceeds to the shipping of the order and informs the Client that an amount equivalent to the value of the unavailable product has been credited to his portfolio or a cheque is sent to the client, at his request.

Article 4: Order

4.1- Clients who wish to place an order guarantee that they are aged 18 or older, are fully entitled to use the credit card being used as payment system and that this card gives access to sufficient funds to cover all costs.

4.2- The purchase orders are made only through the Website from the form provided therein.

Article 5 : Price - Payment

5.1- Price
The prices practiced by the vendor are those applicable at the time of the order. The vendor may change those prices at any time. The prices are inclusive of all taxes in euros and do not include shipping fees, that may vary according to geographic location.
The exact shipping fee amount of the order will be indicated when the order will be about to be validated. For delivery outside of France, customs duties and/or other taxes may be applicable. Those duties and taxes are not under the vendor’s responsibility and will be borne by the Client under his entire responsibility.

5.2- Payment methods

The settlement of purchases will be realised by credit card on the secured Website.
The accepted credit cards are: CB, Visa, Eurocard and MasterCard.

The Client’s credit card will be debited at the time of order confirmation.

The order will be considered as effective and therefore validated at the time of online payment.

The vendor reserves the right to refuse a delivery or to accept an order coming from a Client who did not fully comply or partially comply with his obligations to honour a precedent purchase order, or with whom current payment litigation exists.

5.3- Security

The vendor has adopted the secured payment system SSL ATOS from Banque Postale, ensuring confidentiality and security of banking transactions.

The vendor has never access to personal and confidential information related to the payment method. This is the reason why the Client’s banking details are asked at the time of every order. In fact, only Banque Postale has under its ownership the confidential information (credit card number, validity date) that is not accessible by any third party.

Article 6 : Delivery

6.1 - Time
The vendor undertakes to deliver the ordered Products within a maximum time delivery as stipulated for each Product and indicated in the sales description on the Website or on the Catalogues.
In the event of Products orders to be delivered under different dates according to their availability, the longest shipping timeframe will be the one that will prevail.

In the event of delays superior to seven (7) days, the Client will have the possibility to cancel his order by sending an email to the Client Service at the following email address: In this case, if he receives the Product after his cancellation request, he will have to refuse it stating “refused for delay cancellation”.

In this case, the vendor will proceed to the reimbursement of the Product together with the shipping fees up to thirty (30) days from the date of the order received. If the shipping delay is caused by an external uncontrollable event or « force majeur » as defined by French law, the vendor will inform the Client by email that his cancellation request cannot be taken into account.

6.2 – Delivery areas
The vendor ships all packages everywhere in continental France (including Monaco and Corsica) and in the following countries: all EU countries, Black Africa, Middle East, North and South America, Asia.

Regarding French departments overseas, shipping will be possible only by post.
In the event of shipping being asked for outside the Delivery areas, the sale would automatically be cancelled and the Client would be fully reimbursed from his purchase together with associated shipping fees up to a maximum of thirty (30) days from the order.

6.3 – Delivery address
The Products will be sent to the delivery address indicated by the Client during the order process. The Client has always to choose his address of delivery and indicate a phone number where he will be reachable by the Post (or transport company) at the delivery hours in case that any problem might arise.
The vendor’s responsibility will not be identified under any circumstance if the package has been delivered to the indicated order address, regardless of the person to whom the package has been handed.

6.4 - Reserves
Every delivery is considered as being realised from the moment the Product or the service is made available to the Client. Without prejudice of the time allowed for the Client to his right of cancellation as defined under article 8, it is his responsibility to verify the shipment at the time of arrival and to make any reserve or complaint that he considers justified, including to refuse the package, if it is likely to have been open previously or contains obvious marks of deterioration, or if the warranty tape sealing the product has been violated.

Those reserves and claims must be made to the carrier by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within three (3) working days following the delivery of the Products. A copy will be immediately addressed to the vendor. In this letter, the Client or his representative will have to provide any justification regarding the reality of the anomalies observed.

Finally, the Client will have to provide the vendor with readiness to proceed to the ascertainment of those non-conforming observations and to provide a solution to it. The Client will refrain from intervening himself or a third party to this end. Otherwise, any complaint will be automatically rejected.

Article 7: Right of cancellation

7.1- In conformity with article L121-20 of the French Consumer Code, all products sold are subject to a right of cancellation for a period of seven (7) calendar days from the date of reception of the package.

The return of the Products will be subject to a reimbursement equal to the totality of amounts paid by the Client, that is to say the purchase price of the Product(s) and the shipping costs.

The return of a portion only of the Products will give right to a reimbursement equal to the amount of the Product being returned and the corresponding proportionate shipping cost of these Products.

Return fees and risks related to Product return are to be borne by the Client. The Products must be returned in good state, complete and appropriately protected, with a transport mode offering guarantees similar to those proposed for the initial shipping.

JDG World – Client Service

7.2- The reimbursement of the Client will be executed under the best possible timeframe and up to a maximum of thirty (30) days starting from the date of reception by the vendor of the request of exercising the right of cancellation, under the reserve that the Product has been returned to the vendor.

Article 8: Warrantees

8.1- Legal warrantee

The warrantees linked to the Products include non-compliance defects and hidden defects and no Client will be entitled to benefit from a wider guarantee than what is inscribed. In the event of non-compliance of the delivered Product, the Client will be able to require the Product being repaired or replaced.

He will have to send an email to the following email address:

If the Product repair or replacements is impossible, the Client will be able to return the Product and receive the reimbursement of the purchase price or keep it and be given back part of the purchase price. Where appropriate, the Products have to be returned in good condition and appropriately protected, with a transport mode presenting warranties similar to those proposed in the initial shipment.

The Ambassadors ClientService will provide him with information and documents allowing him to perform the return of the Products.

In any event, these provisions do not prevent the Client to benefit from his right of cancellation, as supervised by the article 11 of the present General Conditions.

8.2- Exclusion of liability

The vendor’s guarantee does not cover the following cases:

  • Wrong usage or wrong manipulation

  • Force majeure

  • Commercial or collective use

Article 9: Intellectual property

The Website is the property of the vendor.

All elements of the Website (texts, comments, publications, illustrations and images, whether visual or sound…) , are protected to the right of copyright holder, brand property, patents rights, and for the whole world. They are exclusive property of the vendor. As a result, they cannot be reproduced, exploited, or used under any right.

Article 10: Personal data

The information regarding titular Client information is essential for the treatment of orders.

Those are confidential and will not be used by the vendor’s internal services other than for the treatment of orders and to reinforce and customise communication, namely by letters/ information emails as well in the context of customising the Website according to preferences noted by users. The Clients have the possibility to refuse without any fees, except those linked to the refusal transmission, to the use of their data and this applies each time that a message is sent to them. For this end, they only need to write an email to the following email

Under any case, the Clients can always forward a request to the email mentioned above so that communications end, without them having to pay any fees other than those linked to the transmission of his request.

 The Website is under conformity with applicable French and European legislation regarding the protection of private life and personal data and is the object of a declaration with the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés under number under way.

 In conformity with computing law and liberties of 6 January 1978 modified by the law of 6 August 2004, the Clients have at any time, the right to access, modify, or delete some personal data concerning themselves.

To modify personal information and/or cancel their account, the Clients may send a message to

The Clients may also execute a right of objection.

Article 11: Responsibility

11.1- The Products proposed are under conformity with French legislation under effect and the applicable norms in France. The vendor’s responsibility may not be engaged in case of non respect by the Client of the legislation of the country where the Product is used (for example, in case of Product prohibition). It is the Client’s responsibility to verify with local authorities about import possibilities or the use of the Products that he considers ordering.

11.2- In case of purchasing for professional use, the vendor will not bear any responsibility for any indirect damage, business loss, profit loss, lack of luck, damages or charges, that may arise from the purchase of the Products.
The total or partial impossibility to use the Products, namely for a cause of material incompatibility, cannot entitle any right of compensation or reimbursement or questioning of the vendor’s responsibility.

11.3- The vendor will not be held responsible for damages of any kind, whether immaterial or physical, that would result from the Products being sold.

11.4- The vendor’s responsibility will, under any circumstance, limited to the amount of the order.

11.5- The vendor shall not be held responsible for the non-execution of the contract concluded in the event of being out of stock or product unavailability, force majeure, disturbance or total or partial strike from the postal services and means of transport and/or communications, floods, fire.

Article 12: Modifications to the General Conditions

The vendor reserves the right to modify the General Conditions. All new versions will be reported by a specific mention on the Website.

Article 13: Applicable law and litigation

The General Conditions are subject to French law. When a problem arises, the Client must in the first place contact with the Ambassadors Client Service to the following email address in order to obtain a satisfactory solution:

Any litigation with be under exclusive competence from the location of JDG World’s head office, therefore in Montpellier, France.

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